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12 Days of Christmas Jar Gifts – Whole Grain Waffle and Pancake Mix

Tara on Dec 18th 2012

This is a family favorite in our house. I make up the mix recipe below and have it on hand for an easy morning pancake or waffle breakfast.  And this is also a frugal tasty gift as well.  This recipe should fill 5 pint sized jars, and each pint jar would make 2 batches of [...]

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12 Days of Christmas Jar Gifts – Funnel Cake Mix

Tara on Dec 15th 2012

Funnel cakes are very simple to make and the mix is even simpler.  Add the following together in a large bowl and whisk to blend.  Then pour into a quart jar and seal with ring and lid.  Attach a funnel (97 cents at Wal-mart) and you’ve got another gift that costs under 3$ to make.
For [...]

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12 Days of Christmas Jar Gifts – Mint Brownie Jars

Tara on Dec 13th 2012

These cute little jars are great for gift giving.  Although I’ve baked a few things in jars before, I baked these brownies in a regular pan and used a 3″ biscuit cutter to cut cooled brownies.  The brownie circles fit easily into these 4 oz jars.  Next I piped some tinted green, mint flavored butter [...]

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12 Days of Christmas Jar Gifts – Hot Spiced Tea and Cider Mix

Tara on Dec 12th 2012

Here’s one of my hubby’s favorite fall/winter beverages. He asks me to make this mix so he can keep some at work to make whenever he wants.  I also had a request for this recipe from an old friend Pam.  The recipe is easy to make and can be stored in a pretty canning jar, [...]

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12 Days of Christmas Jar Gifts – Topless Snow Globes

Tara on Dec 11th 2012

Gift giving doesn’t have to be costly or complicated.  I’ve got a surplus of old and new jars in various sizes. These little Christmas village trees cost between 75 cents and 1 dollar.  I hot glued the bottoms of the trees and used tongs to place them in the jars.  I added a little snow [...]

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12 Days of Christmas Jar Gifts – Peppermint Hand and Foot Scrub

Tara on Dec 8th 2012

I am excited about this recipe because it is easy to make, it is inexpensive, and it is so pretty in a jar as a gift.  Since I already had some red food coloring and peppermint oil, the total cost to make this was basically the cost of 3 cups of sea salt and 3 [...]

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12 Days of Christmas Jar Gifts – Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

Tara on Dec 6th 2012

Here’s another easy and thrifty gift that looks so fancy in a Ball jar with some burlap and tulle ribbon that costs less than $2 to make if you already have jars.  I whipped this up before dinner and used some on my hands. They are still so soft and moisturized and I’ve had my [...]

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12 Days of Christmas in Jar – Home Made Vanilla Extract

Tara on Dec 4th 2012

Do you like the taste of real vanilla extract but hate to pay the price?  Unless you have a relative headed to Mexico or Central America who can bring you back some foreign vanilla, you would probably pay over $20 US dollars for a pint of vanilla extract.  OR you could pick up a cheap [...]

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Freezing Peaches – Peach Cubes

Tara on Sep 13th 2012

This summer I’ve been busy like most working moms.  We’ve painted and camped and cleaned and baked and preserved.  I ran out of time to do as much preserving as I would like to have.  I had 2 bushels of peaches that sat on my counter for a few days, just mocking me as I [...]

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Tara’s Tennessee Sweet N Sassy BBQ Sauce

Tara on Apr 28th 2012

Every southern gal needs a tasty BBQ sauce recipe and I created this one last weekend upon the request of a friend. (Hi Brenda!) Why buy the mass produced, store bought sauce loaded with chemicals, when you can toss a few spices and other ingredients together in a sauce pan, heat the ingredients a couple of minutes, and [...]

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