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Organic Strawberry Jam

on May 7th 2012

I’ve made jam only a couple of times in my life – and the jam I made was actually strawberry freezer jam. Does that count as real jam?  This year, after making a second trip to Kelly’s Strawberry Patch, I decided to make the real stuff, the kind that can be stored on the shelf. […]

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Crock Pot Pumpkin Butter

on Oct 24th 2011

I had never given much thought to Pumpkin Butter until recently.  To break the rainy month blues one Saturday evening, we loaded up the kids and drove to Cool Springs just to roam around for a while.  I had a few moments to myself, and the aroma pouring out of WILLIAMS SONOMA drew me inside […]

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It’s Strawberry Time

on May 12th 2010

At this moment Tara is hosting a house full of friends at a class on canning and freezing one of my favorites…strawberries!! They spent the morning at a strawberry patch just over the river in Trousdale county and then gathered in Tara’s kitchen. We love to preserve strawberries for future use in different ways. Stay tuned […]

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Freezing Apples

on Oct 15th 2009

We’ve made apple chips and apple pie and enjoyed the taste and aroma of all things apples. We’ve had fried apples and we’ve frozen several bags of apples to use through the long cold winter. There really isn’t anything complicated about peeling, slicing and freezing apples. Here’s how I prepared our winter stash from those […]

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Freezing Peaches and Blueberries

on Aug 17th 2009

By the end of summer, our extra freezer will be full of corn, peaches, and blueberries, and strawberries. I love having these tasty fruit items on hand to make our breakfast shakes and fruit cobblers. Frozen peaches, blackberries, and strawberries can also be used to make preserves at a later date too. I felt so […]

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on Aug 4th 2009

This is a recipe I got from a good friend whose family resides in Utah.  So it is an authentic western dish. Salsa is a versatile condiment and a staple for cooking around here. We love it and have found many ways to use salsa. I’ve made western dressing by adding equal portions of salsa […]

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Myrna’s Blackberry Jelly

on Jul 31st 2009

There are some foods that Mom can make better than anyone else.  I’ve never had a biscuit that came close to rivaling my Mom’s home made ones.  I’ve never had fried chicken that was better than hers either.  And I’ve yet to meet anyone who went to all the trouble to pick, seed, and can […]

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Gardening, Canning, and Freezing Update

on Jul 25th 2009

I am amazed at the quantity of veggies our small raised bed garden has produced so far.  We’ve had more squash to pick than we can eat and share.  The zucchini grew before our eyes and we let some of it get too big to use.  The tomato vines are hanging heavy with ripening tomatoes.  […]

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Cherry & Peach Canning

on Jul 21st 2009

I’m SO excited because the southern peaches are finally ripe for harvest. The blueberries are ready to pick, and it is time to really get serious about preserving and canning all the wonderful fruits God made for us to enjoy. Only in the past couple of years have I been courageous enough to attempt canning […]

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