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Cuban Adobo Dry Rub Seasoning

on Apr 20th 2013

We continue to experiment with our smoker and try different kinds of meats, sauces, rubs, and methods.  In order to please dear hubby, I recently created a Cuban feast at our house and I think he was very pleased.  We smoked 2 chickens and a pork roast.  Here is the recipe I created for the […]

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Oven Fried Lemon Dill Salmon

on Jan 6th 2012

Are you trying to get more fish into your diet?  Salmon is a perfect way to get your omega oils and also bakes quickly.  I found  wild caught frozen Alaskan filets at Aldi for under $5 a package. There were four generous sized filets, individually wrapped in the bag.  I must admit I was skeptical about […]

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Cedar Planked Smoked Salmon

on Aug 29th 2010

I admit I was a bit skeptical about cooking fish on a plank of cedar wood.  But I bought a couple of cedar planks and some salmon and gave it a try, just for my Taracooks readers.  This salmon was the most savory salmon I’ve ever tasted!  And it passed the family test too.  Although […]

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