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Easter Egg Bird Nests

on Mar 29th 2013

These Easter Egg Bird Nests are a tradition at our house.  This is another fun recipe the kids enjoy helping me make each Easter.  They are incredibly tasty and equally easy to make.  They don’t last long so make a batch and enjoy! 1 12oz package of Chow Mien Noodles –slightly crunched 1 12 oz […]

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Bethany’s Resurrection Rolls

on Apr 22nd 2011

Each Wednesday, Hope gets to participate in a wonderful home school program called Classical Conversations. All students are required to give weekly oral presentations and Hope’s friend Bethany made these delicious Resurrection Rolls and shared with the class last week. We learned the rolls are symbolic of Jesus’ death, His burial, and His resurrection. The […]

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Aunt Georgia’s Pineapple Pretzel Salad

on Apr 17th 2011

Here is another family favorite that is easy to prepare and serve. Aunt Georgia’s Pineapple Pretzel Salad is a savory compliment to Easter Ham and left over ham rolls.  Although I posted this last year, I simply had to repost again since this dish has become an Easter tradition at our house.  The origianl recipe called […]

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Festive Pretzel Sticks

on Apr 2nd 2009

Here is a quick and easy treat suitable for any holiday occasion.  Get the kids or grandkids to help with this project.  It is a lot of fun. You will need: ½ pound of white or chocolate almond bark 1 bag of salted pretzel rods 1 jar of festive sprinkles Wax paper Melt ½ pound […]

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