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Garden Fresh Lemon Pasta Bowls

on Jul 10th 2014

These pasta bowls can be whipped up in a snap and made with some fresh garden veggies and specialty pasta.  Feel free to vary the vegetables as your garden is harvested this summer. 16 oz pasta variety (pictured is gluten free Lemon Parsley Pasta) – cooked and drained according to package directions 6 tablespoons browned […]

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Lemon Vanilla Bean Scones

on Jan 20th 2014

I made my first batch of scones recently to kick of Season 4 of Downton Abbey.  These Lemon Vanilla Bean scones were incredible and now my family is hooked on this sweet delicacy.  Here’s how I made them: For the Scones: 1/3 cup granulated sugar Zest of 2 lemons 1 teaspoon baking powder 1/4 teaspoon […]

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Oven Fried Lemon Dill Salmon

on Jan 6th 2012

Are you trying to get more fish into your diet?  Salmon is a perfect way to get your omega oils and also bakes quickly.  I found  wild caught frozen Alaskan filets at Aldi for under $5 a package. There were four generous sized filets, individually wrapped in the bag.  I must admit I was skeptical about […]

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Meatless Monday – Fried Zucchini with Lemon Aioli Dipping Sauce

on Sep 26th 2011

One of our favorite places do dine on a special occasion is Maggiano’s. My favorite menu item is a simple appetizer – Fried Zucchini! Although Maggiano’s recipe remains a secret – I’ve come pretty close to duplicating this favorite and couldn’t wait to share it. I am also tempted to use yellow squash in place […]

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Blackberry Lemon Shortcake

on Jun 18th 2010

A few weeks ago, I posted my great grandmother’s recipe for shortcake.  My mom would make shortcake and serve it one of two ways – either smothered with hot fudge sauce or topped with sweetened strawberries and cream.  The shortcake was such a hit here with our kids, I’ve created a lemon shortcake and served it with […]

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