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Crunchy Cucumber Salsa

on Apr 24th 2013

Looking for a healthy and cool summer side dish?  Give Crunchy Cucumber Salsa a try.  This recipe is GLUTEN FREE, packed with veggies and spice.  It can be served with carrot sticks or corn chips for dipping even pita chips if you don’t mind the gluten.  This recipe passed the kid and the hubby taste […]

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Hissy Fit Dip

on Apr 9th 2013

If you were raised in the South, you probably are familiar with the term “HISSY FIT.”  A HISSY FIT can be “pitched” or “thrown”.  In my childhood, I would often hear a friend refer to his or her mom pitching a HISSY FIT.  This simply means that someone or something had caused Mom to become quite […]

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12 Days of Christmas in a Jar – Trail Mix

on Dec 4th 2012

I’m excited to be featuring a “12 Days of Christmas” series here on the blog.  In my opinion Mason Jars and Ball Jars are like the crystal of the South.  The honey we purchase comes in these pretty jars that I always save and today the trail mix is stored in the honey jar, adorned […]

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Gluten Free Sausage Balls

on Oct 30th 2012

Although these are made with Gluten Free baking mix, one could easily substitute BISQUIK instead.  Since we have GF eaters in our household, I tried using King Arthur’s GF baking mix instead of Biscuik. These turned out crispy on the outside and perfect inside – not too tough or gooey.  I used my stand mixer […]

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Firecrackers – MSG Free!

on Oct 14th 2012

Do you need to turn up the heat or spice up your life a little?  If so, you need to make these hot and sassy saltines to serve with chili or soup, or as a HOT appetizer at your next party.  All of the recipes I researched called for store bought ranch dressing mix. But […]

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Mini Bacon Cheeseburger Pies – Gluten Free

on Aug 28th 2012

This recipe is a slight modification of Texas Recipe’s Mini Cheeseburger Pies.  I whipped up a gluten free version and of course I had to add bacon for my family.  These little pies were incredible and stand alone as a hearty appetizer for football season, camping, or even breakfast.  E A S Y! Preheat oven […]

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Beg For More Bacon Dip

on Jul 13th 2012

I don’t understand the mystery of bacon, but somehow just the smell of bacon seems to put people in a better mood.  The day I created this recipe, we had bacon for breakfast, this dip for lunch and bacon wrapped meatloaf for dinner.  I guess bacon is an important part of our lives. 1 medium […]

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on May 4th 2012

Sopapillas are South of the Border pastries made with basic ingredients, deep fried, then coated with cinnamon and sugar. Some folks like to bite off the corner, squirt honey into the centers, and then devour them. Make a batch of sopapillas today and discover your favorite way to eat them! 1 ¾ cup plain flour […]

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Candied Caramel Bacon Pops

on Apr 4th 2012

This recipe is for my typing class! Our class ends right before lunch so they often talk about food while they key away on their computers. My students have repeatedly asked me to make bacon dipped in chocolate and bring it to class.  This week I took their advice.  But before I plunged the cooked […]

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MIL’s Mexican Dip

on Feb 22nd 2012

Some of the most popular recipes here are ones that originated with my grandmothers or my Mother-in-Law.  Here is a tasty recipe that could actually be a one dish dinner for our family.  But it also makes a nice party or holiday appetizer as well. And best of all it’s easy to put together! So […]

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