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Just Peachy Lemonade

on Jul 6th 2014

Just Peachy Lemonade is a refreshing way to beat this Tennessee heat.  The peaches are ready to harvest around here.  Saturday I whipped up some peach lemonade,with fresh peaches and real lemons, and it was all gone by nightfall.  It was a hit here at home! 2 cups peach puree (from fresh or frozen peaches) 2 cups […]

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Home Made Maple Peach Icecream

on Jul 19th 2013

Peaches are ripe for harvest here in the south.  And the weather has turned hot, humid, and hazy here in Tennessee.  What better way to use those juicy ripe peaches and beat the heat than enjoying a tasty bowl of home made MAPLE PEACH ICECREAM?  There is no cooking with this recipe, you just pour, […]

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Freezing Peaches – Peach Cubes

on Sep 13th 2012

This summer I’ve been busy like most working moms.  We’ve painted and camped and cleaned and baked and preserved.  I ran out of time to do as much preserving as I would like to have.  I had 2 bushels of peaches that sat on my counter for a few days, just mocking me as I […]

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Peach and Green Tea Protein Shake

on Jan 6th 2012

We make a lot of protein shakes for breakfast, but this Peach and Green Tea Shake is my absolute favorite.  I use frozen peaches and pineapple along with a ratio of half orange juice and half plain coconut milk.  I also use a scoop of Dr. Mercola’s Whey Healthier Vanilla Protein Powder.  It is made […]

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