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Old Fashioned Banana Pudding

on Nov 17th 2014

I don’t know why I equate home made banana pudding with church gatherings, but I still do. I have pleasant memories of attending many a church social where somebody’s grandmother had made banana pudding from scratch. I have always been fond of home made banana pudding. This is a southern tradition I hope never dies. […]

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National Fettuccine Alfredo Day Today! – The Best Alfredo Sauce Ever

on Feb 7th 2012

Today is National Fettuccine Alfredo Day!  One of Hope’s favorite dishes is spaghetti alfredo.  She orders this often if we dine out.  I absolutely love alfredo sauce, but indulge only occasionally since it is pretty rich.  This is THE BEST recipe I’ve found so far. And it is NO surprise that my friend Karen gets […]

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Better Butter

on Jan 30th 2012

I am convinced that organic foods are more nutritious, better tasting, and healthier for us than conventional foods. Organic fruits and vegetables are pretty comparable in price these days to their mass produced relatives. However, they far surpass conventionally grown foods in taste and nutrition. I always buy organic milk, organic orange juice, and organic […]

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Organic Buttermilk Waffle/Pancake Mix

on Jan 30th 2012

Organic Buttermilk Waffle/Pancake Mix I love this recipe because it is so economical, versatile, healthy, and tasty. Keep the mix on hand and make Saturday breakfast a little extra special. Put some mix in a jar for a great gift idea along with a bottle of Maple Syrup. Also, the toppings you can add to […]

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Dirty Talk

on Apr 14th 2010

It’s time to talk dirty again.  Due to the L O N G winter, we are running a little later preparing our raised bed garden this spring.  Do you have your garden ready?  Most local garden centers here in Middle TN suggest planting around April 15th to avoid any frost.  So let’s get those taxes […]

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Southern Fried Pies

on Feb 7th 2010

Both my Grandmothers were excellent fried pie makers.  I remember the process seemed to be quite involved and the end result was a special treat for family gatherings or even for birthdays.  I’ve never had a store bought fried pie that came close to matching the taste of those good old fashioned, home made pastries.  […]

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Cousin Kelly’s Organic Peanut Butter

on Dec 19th 2009

For most of my growing up years, I was an only child.  I remember being so very bored at home, and wanting someone to play with.  I cherished the times during summer breaks when my cousin Kelly and I would spend a week at Grandmother’s house.  We would giggle and laugh for hours.  I also […]

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Homemade Chicken Salad

on Apr 17th 2009

Here’s a quick and easy spring and summer pleaser.  When I make this recipe, folks can’t believe it is actually made with canned chicken breast.  Sometimes I simply place the chicken salad over a bed of greens.  Sometimes I make those pretty little mini pastries.  But most of the time, this chicken salad goes on […]

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Hilda’s Potato Salad

on Mar 28th 2009

  Both my Grandmothers were fantastic Southern cooks. Grandmother Bybee’s first name was Hilda. She was a unique woman, unlike anyone else I’ve ever known. Whenever we had family gatherings with her – she produced quite a spread. She would have 2 of everything. She always made 2 meats like ham AND beef. There were […]

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on Mar 21st 2009

    Hope recently participated in our home school group’s International Fair.  Each student gets to select a country to study and puts together a visual presentation of the chosen country.  Students get to dress up accordingly and also have prepare some authentic food to share from their featured country.  Since Hope’s cousin recently moved […]

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