More Southern Cookbook Favorites

Posted by on Sunday, January 15th, 2012

Yesterday I posted about 4 of my top cookbook picks.  Today I want to mention a few more favorites.

My fabulous cooking friend Karen was able to compile a family cookbook.  Her in-laws, the Eatherlys, are known in this community for being some of the finest southern cooks around.  I was thrilled when Karen finished her cookbook and presented me with my very own copy.  I treasure her friendship and her recipes. I have shared her New York Style Cheesecake and Mango Salsa here on this blog.  YUM!

Eatherly Cookbook

Over the past 4 years, I have spent a lot of time gardening, traveling to the Mennonite farms, and cannning and preserving.  My canning Bible is the Ball Blue Book of Canning.  It gives step by step instructions for using a pressure canner to can green beans, as well as how to and what to can using a water bath method.  This past summer I canned 48 quarts of green beans and close to 60 quarts of tomatoes.  Thanks to my neighbor Cindy, I have more quart jars than I will probably ever be able to fill.

ball blue book of canningThe final book I want to share is Dining With Pioneers.  I got this book as a wedding present and I cherish it.  All of the contributors names and home towns are mentioned, which makes me feel like I’m related to them somehow.  These recipes are tried and true family favorites from across the heartland of America. The recipe for Hershey Bar Pie can be found in this book.  A recipe that should be tried by every southern cook!

dining with pioneers

Well that just about sums up my favorite southern cookbooks. Perhaps you have heard of a least one of these. Maybe you own your own copy.  I hope to publish my own someday.  Until then, I will keep posting my favorite recipes here.

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