Sunday Dinner Pot Roast

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Some things are just too easy, like Sunday Dinner Pot Roast. I can’t think of an easier “company’s comin’” meal than pot roast. As my family sat around the table Sunday, there was little conversation while they devoured beef and potatoes. I remember someone saying, “Mmm, I just LOVE beef!” The prep time for this tasty Sunday tradition is 10 minutes tops which hardly seems fair for such a hearty, tasty end result.

You can use any cut of roast beef, but I have the best results with a rump roast. There is less fat in this cut, it slices nicely, and always pleases. I like to purchase a large one and use the whole roast if company is coming, or cut it in half to make 2 meals for just us. All the ingredients go into a crock pot on Saturday night -right before bedtime and cook all night long.

  • 1 large rump roast beef (more taters if company is coming)
  • 4-5 medium potatoes, peeled and halved the whole carrot sticks)2-3 cups baby carrots (or peel and scrape
  • 1 large onion peeled and quartered
  • 2 celery sticks, cut into 4” pieces
  • 1 can cream of celery soup

Place baby carrots evenly across the bottom of crock pot.


Next place the roast beef on top of carrots in the middle of the crock pot. Add potatoes, filling in the area between crock pot and the roast beef. Add celery sticks and onion quarters.


Pour a can of cream of celery soup over roast beef. Then sprinkle salt and pepper on top of soup and roast beef. Cover and turn on crock pot.


Cook roast and veggies overnight. I cook mine on high over night (about 8 hours) and reduce heat to warm the next morning (about 4 hours). However crock pot temperatures may vary and 12 hours on low heat may be adequate. The roast needs to cook long enough to become tender. If a roast seems tough, it just needs to cook some more.

On a final note, I never add water to my crock pot roast. The soup and juices from the beef make perfect gravy for my family. However, it wouldn’t hurt to add a cup or two of water if your family prefers more of a broth than gravy. Salt and pepper to taste

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Sunday Dinner Pot Roast

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  1. Kier Marshallon 06 Feb 2013 at 5:42 pm 1

    First time cooking a pot roast, & this recipe is the only one I found that even sounds like it would be good. Here goes nothing! Thank so much!