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Sunday Dinner Pot Roast

on Apr 20th 2010

Some things are just too easy, like Sunday Dinner Pot Roast. I can’t think of an easier “company’s comin’” meal than pot roast. As my family sat around the table Sunday, there was little conversation while they devoured beef and potatoes. I remember someone saying, “Mmm, I just LOVE beef!” The prep time for this […]

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Beef Tenderloin with Blackberry Glaze

on Mar 29th 2010

I wish my Dad were still living. I’d make him this dish for Father’s Day.  Nothing beats Filet Mignon for taste and tenderness.  Although tenderloin is served here only on special occasions due to cost, it is the leanest cut of beef.  Glad there’s a positive trade off! Who would have guessed that beef and […]

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Italian Roast Beef Dip Sandwich

on Feb 22nd 2010

I recently tried Pioneer Woman’s Drip Beef Sandwich.  It was a hit here in ‘Possum Town and one I will be repeating frequently.  I have modified the recipe slightly.  Pioneer Woman said I could.  Not really, but I know she wouldn’t mind me tweaking it and sharing with you.  It’s EASY and LIP SMACKIN’ good.  […]

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Swiss Steak

on Nov 11th 2009

Here is a favorite recipe from last Winter that can be made in the crock pot while you are away at work all day long. I had never experienced Swiss steak until I met the guy who would later ask me to marry him. This is my mother-in-law’s recipe and it has never failed me.   When […]

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