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Facebook Finds – Things That Make Me Smile :)

on Feb 13th 2012

These cupcakes are simply adorable.  They make me happy to look at them.  If I could sink my teeth into one, I would be even happier.  This photo has been shared numerous times on Facebook.  I am disappointed there is no link to the creator of these Muppet confections.  If anyone knows the origination of […]

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All Gone Gluten Free Brownies

on Feb 2nd 2012

This gluten free cooking is new to me for 2012.  I am having to recreate some of Micah’s favorite recipes, making them gluten free. Judging how fast my first batch of gluten free brownies disappeared, I’d say there were a real hit here.  They were EASY to whip up which is another plus.  I apologize […]

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How to Use and Care for Your Cast Iron Cookware

on Jan 31st 2012

I love my cast iron cookware.  I have 4 skillets ranging in diameter from 4″ to 14″  I like to use the largest on to bake casseroles, dressing, or deep dish pizza.  Cast iron cookware is a must for cooking cornbread.  I love to bake biscuits on my 10″ baker which was handed down to […]

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What Do You Have To Say?

on Jan 31st 2012

I cannot believe I’ve been posting recipes and blogging about food for since late November 2008. That seems like a long time ago.  I think the photos of the food that my hubby and son take have improved quite a bit since we started.  As holidays come and go, and as seasons change, and as […]

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Oodles of Uses for the Coffee Filter

on Jan 22nd 2012

Coffee filters are relatively cheap.  Although they are inexpensive (roughly $1.00 for a box of 1000), my frugally minded friends may be surprised how many ways a coffee filter could make life easier. Nick yourself shaving?  Tear off a small piece of a coffee filter, stick it to the cut to blog and stop the […]

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Farewell to Visionary and Cracker Barrel Founder, Dan Evins

on Jan 15th 2012

Back in 1969 when Sam Walton was incorporating his company, local businessman Dan Evins was giving serious thought to changing the way people traveled.  The late 60’s was a time when our country’s interstate system was still young.  Goods and services along the highways were hard to come by and fast food chains were more […]

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Where We Dine When Momma Doesn’t Want To Cook

on Jan 2nd 2012

Sometimes Tara is just too tired to cook and we head over to Snow White Drive located right here in our home town.  This place was built back in the 50’s and is still operated just as it was when it opened.  You can “drive in”  and park, then do as the sign says and […]

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My Mamma’s Old Fashioned Southern Coconut Cake

on Dec 19th 2011

Growing up I took a lot for granted. I believed my parents existed for the sole purpose of fulfilling the needs and wants my little brother and me. I never really gave much thought to the notion that my parents might actually love each other or that they might also place a higher priority on […]

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Happy Anniversary to! And a GIVEAWAY!

on Nov 28th 2011

WOW I can hardly believe has an upcoming anniversary to celebrate!  3 years ago this week, my hubby launched this cooking site.  Since then we’ve worked up nearly 300 posts, had a little write up in the local newspaper, and appeared as a guest cook on Better Nashville a few times when they needed […]

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Chicken Corn Chowder

on Oct 31st 2011

We love to eat lots of soup during the cooler months.  I usually wear the family out with a small rotation of soups each winter.  This winter, I’m adding Chicken Corn Chowder to our family favorites.  This recipe was inspired by The Pioneer Woman, but I varied it some by adding chicken and bacon drippings. […]

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