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Cool as a Cucumber Salad

on Jul 2nd 2014

Looking for a quick, light, savory salad?  Try my Cool as a Cucumber Salad made with Lester Farm’s pickling cucumbers, a light dressing, and some garden fresh cherry tomatoes. This is a perfect cool down side for 4th of July picnic! 3 cups sliced fresh cucumbers (can use pickling cucumbers, English cucumbers, or regular cucumbers) […]

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All Natural Holiday Cranberry Nut Salad (sugar-free)

on Nov 27th 2013

My favorite cranberry salad is one my Mother-In-Law has been making for years.  Since we are eliminating a lot of chemicals, dyes, and sugar from our diets, I am pleased to rework my favorite recipe and offer a clean, sugar free version that is as tasty and tangy as MIL’s original. 3 cups fresh cranberries […]

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Fresh Strawberry Poppy Seed Fruit Salad

on May 30th 2013

Here is a perfect side dish for a potluck, a special brunch, a baby or wedding shower, a light dessert, and a refreshing summer time treat – Fresh Strawberry Fruit Salad wih Strawberry Poppy Seed Dressing.  Nuts and mini marshmallows are optional but delicious additions. 2 cups fresh strawberries (washed, stems removed, and sliced) 1 […]

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Crunchy Cucumber Salsa

on Apr 24th 2013

Looking for a healthy and cool summer side dish?  Give Crunchy Cucumber Salsa a try.  This recipe is GLUTEN FREE, packed with veggies and spice.  It can be served with carrot sticks or corn chips for dipping even pita chips if you don’t mind the gluten.  This recipe passed the kid and the hubby taste […]

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Meatless Monday Black Eyed Pea Salad

on Sep 19th 2011

Black Eyed Pea Salad It’s Monday again and time for another Meatless Monday post. I’ve never really been a fan of black eyed peas, but this salad is incredible.  Before passing judgement – be brave, be bold, and try it! I served this as a salad, but you could also serve it as a salsa/dip […]

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Hawaiian Rib eye Tacos

on Sep 11th 2010

  Remember the previous Hawaiian Rib eye Salad post?  Well here is a variation of that recipe.  Makeup the meat mixture with steak, bacon, and pineapple – just as in the Hawaiian Rib eye Salad, then serve it all up in a soft taco shell with your favorite trimmings and a fruit salad on the […]

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Hawaiian Rib eye Salad

on Sep 5th 2010

I don’t want to say goodbye to summer just yet.  I love the season of grilling, fresh veggies, sweet and juicy fruits, and trying new combinations.  Here’s my latest concoction  – Hawaiian Rib eye Salad.  The steak can be grilled outside or inside on a griddle.  Bacon and fresh pineapple add a wonderful twist.  And […]

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Salsalita Turkey Salad

on Aug 8th 2009

Here’s an easy summer time meal that leaves us satisfied without that heavy feeling.  It has a thick slice of Boar’s Head Salsalita Turkey from the deli.  The Salsalita turkey has a kick of south of the border spice- which we love. You can vary this salad with your favorite greens and veggies. Here’s how […]

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Seven Layer Salad

on Dec 29th 2008

Seven Layer Salad  In a 9 x 13 dish place the following:  1 head chopped iceberg lettuce (1st layer)  Combine: ½ cup chopped celery (2nd layer) ½ cup chopped green pepper (2nd layer) ½ cup chopped green onion (2nd layer)  1 package frozen green peas, thawed (3th layer)  ¾ cup sour cream mixed with ¾ […]

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Festive Cranberry Pineapple Salad

on Dec 18th 2008

Festive Cranberry Pineapple Salad  Over the years, I’ve sampled numerous cranberry salads.  Some were too tart.  Some were too sweet.  But this one is just right.  Sweet meets tangy for the perfect duo – and the crunch adds a nice pizzazz too.  Oh, did I mention it is pretty?? Did I also mention EASY??  20 […]

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