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Southern Peach Cobbler with Gluten Free Option

on Jul 20th 2014

Harvest is in full swing here in the south, including one of my summer time favorites – PEACHES! Lester Farms is selling peaches now  and I can think of no easier dessert to whip up with them than a good old fashioned southern peach cobbler.  You can have one ready to pop into the oven […]

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Freezing Peaches – Peach Cubes

on Sep 13th 2012

This summer I’ve been busy like most working moms.  We’ve painted and camped and cleaned and baked and preserved.  I ran out of time to do as much preserving as I would like to have.  I had 2 bushels of peaches that sat on my counter for a few days, just mocking me as I […]

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Peaches N Cream Pancakes with Maple Peach Syrup

on Aug 9th 2010

    Saturday mornings are special to our family.  We get to sleep late and eat a lazy breakfast on the back porch during the summer. Breakfast often consists of home made buttermilk pancakes. With Tennessee peaches ripe for harvest, why not whip up some fresh cream, slice some fresh peaches, make a batch of […]

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