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Kale Chips Plain, Parmesan, or Chili Flavored

on Jun 5th 2013

Did you know kale is one of the most nutrient dense foods you can eat?  If you are not accustomed to eating kale, you may find the taste a bit over powering at first.  Cooking pieces of kale in the oven for a few minutes with a little oil, salt, and some creative flavorings is […]

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A New Me A New You – Verde Chicken Chili

on Dec 26th 2012

This is a first post in what I hope will be helpful recipes for those striving to make some healthy changes.  This recipe is packed with flavor, is quick to make, and is low in fat.  Verde Chicken Chili is made with a deli style chicken and canned ingredients, this recipe can be whipped up in […]

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1-2-3 Chili

on Jan 19th 2009

Our family certainly isn’t married to any one particular chili recipe. However, the kids really like this one because it isn’t “chunky.” I like it because it is so quick and easy to make. This recipe can be whipped up in 3 steps and simmered for 30 minutes on the stovetop, or slow cooked in the […]

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Taco Soup & Sour Cream Cornbread

on Dec 17th 2008

Fall and winter bring a change of menu at our house.  As the chilly wind blows in from the north, a pot of soup is often simmering on the stove – its aroma promising to warm us from the inside out.  Ann’s Taco Soup  2 lbs ground beef 1 chopped onion  2 cans mild Rotel […]

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