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Breakfast Pull Apart Sausage Bread

on Jul 29th 2014

First let me start by stating I WON’T be making this again for a while.  Then why post the recipe if I don’t plan to bake this again?  Because it was so amazingly delicious I couldn’t stop eating it is the reason why!  This recipe can be assembled at night, placed in the refrigerator, and […]

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Breakfast Sausage Quesadillas

on Aug 29th 2013

Do you need an all in one dish for breakfast or a brunch?  Breakfast Sauasge Quesadillas are easy to make, and some of the prep work can be done ahead of time.  Here’s what you need to do: 1 pound sausage crumbled 1 sweet green pepper – chopped 1 sweet red pepper – chopped 1 […]

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Apple Pie Quinoa – Gluten Free Breakfast!

on Apr 14th 2013

Since most of us around here have either gone Gluten Free or have reduced/eliminated most grains – we thought it was time to give QUINOA a try. I wanted my first attempt cooking QUINOA to become a regular breakfast staple.  Apple Pie Quinoa was just the thing to win over dear hubby and at least […]

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Peach and Green Tea Protein Shake

on Jan 6th 2012

We make a lot of protein shakes for breakfast, but this Peach and Green Tea Shake is my absolute favorite.  I use frozen peaches and pineapple along with a ratio of half orange juice and half plain coconut milk.  I also use a scoop of Dr. Mercola’s Whey Healthier Vanilla Protein Powder.  It is made […]

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Bethany’s Resurrection Rolls

on Apr 22nd 2011

Each Wednesday, Hope gets to participate in a wonderful home school program called Classical Conversations. All students are required to give weekly oral presentations and Hope’s friend Bethany made these delicious Resurrection Rolls and shared with the class last week. We learned the rolls are symbolic of Jesus’ death, His burial, and His resurrection. The […]

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Peaches N Cream Pancakes with Maple Peach Syrup

on Aug 9th 2010

    Saturday mornings are special to our family.  We get to sleep late and eat a lazy breakfast on the back porch during the summer. Breakfast often consists of home made buttermilk pancakes. With Tennessee peaches ripe for harvest, why not whip up some fresh cream, slice some fresh peaches, make a batch of […]

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