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The Three Pigs Oink Out Sandwich with Jalepeno Aioli

on Dec 27th 2013

There are many ways to strengthen marriages and relationships.  In my book, BACON never fails to make my man happy.  There’s only one way to improve bacon, and that is to serve it up with pulled smoked pork BBQ AND thin shaved country ham!  This sandwich is incredibly hearty and pleasing served up on sourdough […]

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Campfire Loaded Baked Potatoes

on Jul 12th 2013

Our favorite family activity is CAMPING!  We love the beauty of creation, especially inside our country’s national parks.  Last summer we were able to visit 8 national parks on a 2 weeks adventure.  Many of our campsites were primative, which meant I had to be a little creative with the cooking.  Campfire Loaded Baked Potatoes […]

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Southern BBQ Sliders – Made with Snow White Drive-In BBQ

on Jan 3rd 2012

Right now my hubby and I are on a ski trip with a group of 50+ home schoolers. Right now, we are all exhausted from 2 days of skiing but have had the time of our lives. Right now, we all have full tummies and are very, very satisfied. Right now, I’m very thankful I […]

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