Kitchen Organization 101

Posted by on Wednesday, January 14th, 2015

spice drawer

I spent a good part of Tuesday “degreasing” and organizing my cook top and drawers under it.  It was a messy sticky icky job.  One of the tasks involved with this project was organizing the spice drawer.  I’ve had jars and boxes of spices thrown into this drawer for a decade.  The spices would spill out into the drawer, and were in no order whatsoever.  Part of my spices were stored in this drawer and the rest in another drawer on the other side of the kitchen.  Locating a spice wasn’t easy and left me frustrated.  Solution?  36 Ball jars, 4 oz size, filled with spices, stored neatly and clearly labeled with CHALKY TALKY chalkboard peel and stick labels.  I ordered these labels and the CHALKY TALKY liquid chalkboard pens from Amazon.  The cool thing about the labels is the liquid chalk can be wiped off with a damp paper towel and reused.  There were 40 labels which fit standard size jars.  I plan to order another pack of 40 standard labels along with wide mouth labels for another organization project.  For now, I am one happy happy OCD gal!

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