Friday Night Pizza Party, Part 2

Posted by on Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

In the previous post, I mentioned that many families are looking for economical ways have fun together. One way our family copes with these tough economic times is by having pizza night and playing board games. Ethan and his friends recently played poker until 3am here at our house. We all enjoy LIFE, CLUE, MONOPOLY and WIG OUT! One of our favorite past times is to watch THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW, while eating pizza and playing THE ANDY GRIFFITH GAME.

When you read over these pizza recipes featured here at TaraCooks, you may be hesitant to invest the time into making your own crust, preparing the meats, sauces, grating cheese, and chopping the toppings. Just remember the purpose of pizza night is not just the pizza itself, rather it is to enjoy the process as a family.

So decide what you want on your pizza, and get everyone involved in the prep work. Kids love to spread sauce, sprinkle cheese, and spread other toppings. Give each child a fraction of the pizza to personalize – then let them eat that portion. Most men love meat toppings and enjoy cooking, smelling, and sampling the pizza meats.

Here we’ve documented the pizza process as we worked together to create something delicious. Tonight we are having a half pepperoni, half cheese, with a tad of mushroom pizza.

Ethan spreads on our secret family pizza sauce. (Last summer I went wild canning Italian Sauce and plan to feature that process this summer.)

Hope spreads the cheese with ease.

Micah embellishes the pizza with pepperoni.

I like mushrooms on my portion.

The family gets silly as the prep is done.

In the oven it goes!

Ya’ll come and eat!

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  1. Sunnyon 05 Mar 2009 at 1:34 pm 1

    Yum-O! That pizza looks DELICIOUS!!!