Southern BBQ Sliders – Made with Snow White Drive-In BBQ

Posted by on Tuesday, January 3rd, 2012

BBQ Pork Slider

Right now my hubby and I are on a ski trip with a group of 50+ home schoolers.

Right now, we are all exhausted from 2 days of skiing but have had the time of our lives.

Right now, we all have full tummies and are very, very satisfied.

Right now, I’m very thankful I picked up 2 pounds of Snow White’s Pork BBQ and cole slaw before we left town.  All I had to do was microwave it, microwave some Sister Shubert’s Rolls, and set the heated BBQ, the heated rolls, and the cole slaw on the desk in our hotel room.

I yelled, “It’s ready, ya’ll come on!”

Immediately, our hotel room was full of ravenous skiiers, ranging in age from 12-20, plus mom and dad.

And within 5 minutes, 2 pounds of BBQ, 1 pound of cole slaw, and 2 packages of Sister Shubert’s rolls were gone….

And then all the ravenous skiiers left the room to go swim,  or play pool, or go bowling, or play basketball, or visit the hot tub, or go sledding at the golf course.

AND THEN they will all be ravenous again…….


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