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Meatless Monday -Loaded Sweet Potato

on Oct 17th 2011

Here’s a pleasing side dish that is much easier to make than sweet potato casserole and is a tasty way to welcome fall.  Just wash some large sweet potatoes, and wrap them in foil. Then bake them at 425 degrees for about an hour, until potatoes are soft when you squeeze them. Next remove foil, […]

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Meatless Monday – Fried Zucchini with Lemon Aioli Dipping Sauce

on Sep 26th 2011

One of our favorite places do dine on a special occasion is Maggiano’s. My favorite menu item is a simple appetizer – Fried Zucchini! Although Maggiano’s recipe remains a secret – I’ve come pretty close to duplicating this favorite and couldn’t wait to share it. I am also tempted to use yellow squash in place […]

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Meatless Monday Black Eyed Pea Salad

on Sep 19th 2011

Black Eyed Pea Salad It’s Monday again and time for another Meatless Monday post. I’ve never really been a fan of black eyed peas, but this salad is incredible.  Before passing judgement – be brave, be bold, and try it! I served this as a salad, but you could also serve it as a salsa/dip […]

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Meatless Monday – Grandmother’s Squash Puppies

on Sep 12th 2011

I just love my Grandmother.  She recently celebrated her 93rd birthday and assured me that she has lived a LONG time.  Although she has slowed down a bit in recent years, her mind is as sharp as a tack. And her sharp mind is complimented by her quick wit. She makes me laugh out loud. […]

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Meatless Monday – Old Fashioned Southern Fried Okra

on Sep 5th 2011

One of my favorite traditional Southern dishes is Fried Okra.  Honestly, I could make a meal with Fried Okra.  Fresh okra makes the best fried okra. I grew up picking okra from my paternal and maternal granparents’ gardens as well as our own family garden. And I picked up a batch at the farmers market to […]

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Meatless Monday – Old Fashioned Tomato Gravy

on Aug 29th 2011

I can’t believe its Monday again which means here at its time for another Meatless Monday post.  Today’s feature is Old Fashioned Tomato Gravy.  The recipe is simple and quick and the gravy can be served over hot biscuits, mashed potatoes, or even some meatloaf!  I used garden fresh tomatoes and pureed them right […]

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Meatless Monday – Chili Cheese Frito’s Corn Salad

on Aug 22nd 2011

There are some strange recipes for sure that I run across from time to time – so strange that I have to make the recipe myself to believe it could actually be tasty. While recently visiting our friend Deborah, she raved on and on about a corn salad made with Chili Cheese Frito’s.  I actually […]

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Meatless Monday – Spaghetti Squash

on Aug 15th 2011

Monday is here again which means it is time for a meatless post.  Take a good look at this photo.  Is that spaghetti, the traditional pasta for marinara?  It may look like pasta, but it isn’t. It’s spaghetti squash cooked in the microwave then topped with some left-over 20 Minute Marinara.  If you are looking […]

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