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Things To Do With Fresh Corn on the Cob in Husks

on Aug 11th 2013

Did you know whole ears of fresh corn on the cob can be frozen in oversized Zip-Lock bags without removing the husks? Did you know you can microwave fresh corn on the cob in husks about 5 minutes or until kernels are tender, then the husks and silks are so easy to remove? Did you […]

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It’s Strawberry Time

on May 12th 2010

At this moment Tara is hosting a house full of friends at a class on canning and freezing one of my favorites…strawberries!! They spent the morning at a strawberry patch just over the river in Trousdale county and then gathered in Tara’s kitchen. We love to preserve strawberries for future use in different ways. Stay tuned […]

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Dirty Talk

on Apr 14th 2010

It’s time to talk dirty again.  Due to the L O N G winter, we are running a little later preparing our raised bed garden this spring.  Do you have your garden ready?  Most local garden centers here in Middle TN suggest planting around April 15th to avoid any frost.  So let’s get those taxes […]

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Gardening, Canning, and Freezing Update

on Jul 25th 2009

I am amazed at the quantity of veggies our small raised bed garden has produced so far.  We’ve had more squash to pick than we can eat and share.  The zucchini grew before our eyes and we let some of it get too big to use.  The tomato vines are hanging heavy with ripening tomatoes.  […]

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Worm Farming

on May 14th 2009

Why Worm Farming? On Tuesday, Taracooks hit the road to visit a local worm farmer! Here is Lebanon’s expert worm farmer, Jayden.  This is Jayden’s first year to manage a worm farm.  He is quite knowledgeable when it comes to his worms.  Here’s what we learned at the worm farm. Since everyone is looking for […]

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Spring Sprouts

on May 1st 2009

It is exciting to see vegetables sprouting and new life taking form.  Lima beans, green beans, squash, and zucchini are all peeking through the soil.  Our peppers we started from seeds are really taking off. After a couple more inches of growth, it will be time to transplant them. We’ve had several beautiful sunny days […]

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Organic Gardening Update

on Apr 15th 2009

We purchased a variety of organic seeds a few weeks ago.  These are seeds from organic fruits and vegetables which have not been subjected to pesticides, chemicals, or any genetic modifications.  All these seeds pictured were available at Lowe’s. Tomato seeds are in short supply this year as well as tomato plants. I was able […]

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It’s Plant’n Time!

on Mar 18th 2009

I just love fresh vegetables.  Last summer Cousin Kelly and I made several trips to Kentucky.  We were on a quest for Peaches and Cream Corn, okra, tomatoes, peppers, and peaches.  We shucked and silked several hundred ears of corn to freeze.  We canned tomatoes.  I froze peppers, peaches, strawberries, and blueberries.  It has been […]

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