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Gluten Free Pizza Crust – The Kids LOVED it!

on Apr 19th 2012

Since one family member has gone gluten free this year, I’ve had to do some changes to my menu planning, grocery shopping, and my cooking methods.  I ran across this recipe on Dr. Axe’s facebook and it originated over at www.eat-drink-smile.com.   I thought I would give it a try, based on the rave reviews […]

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All Gone Gluten Free Brownies

on Feb 2nd 2012

This gluten free cooking is new to me for 2012.  I am having to recreate some of Micah’s favorite recipes, making them gluten free. Judging how fast my first batch of gluten free brownies disappeared, I’d say there were a real hit here.  They were EASY to whip up which is another plus.  I apologize […]

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Gluten Free Skillet Apple Crisp

on Jan 26th 2012

I have begun to experiment with gluten free baking.  Our middle child decided to eliminate gluten at the start of the new year.  He is certain he sleeps better, feels better, and his complexion is even better.  Since I am not cooking as much with wheat flour, the whole family has been missing some of […]

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