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12 Days of Christmas Jar Gifts – Vanilla Brown Sugar Scrub

on Dec 6th 2012

Here’s another easy and thrifty gift that looks so fancy in a Ball jar with some burlap and tulle ribbon that costs less than $2 to make if you already have jars.  I whipped this up before dinner and used some on my hands. They are still so soft and moisturized and I’ve had my […]

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12 Days of Christmas Jar Gifts – Peppermint Hot Chocolate Mix

on Dec 5th 2012

Christmas is coming quickly!  So on the 3rd day of Christmas Jar Gifts I give you Peppermint Hot Chocolate Mix.  This recipe makes approximately 3 pint sized jars of mix and it only took me a couple of minutes to dump and mix the ingredients together and pour them into a jar.  I’ve adapted Alton […]

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12 Days of Christmas in Jar – Home Made Vanilla Extract

on Dec 4th 2012

Do you like the taste of real vanilla extract but hate to pay the price?  Unless you have a relative headed to Mexico or Central America who can bring you back some foreign vanilla, you would probably pay over $20 US dollars for a pint of vanilla extract.  OR you could pick up a cheap […]

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12 Days of Christmas in a Jar – Trail Mix

on Dec 4th 2012

I’m excited to be featuring a “12 Days of Christmas” series here on the blog.  In my opinion Mason Jars and Ball Jars are like the crystal of the South.  The honey we purchase comes in these pretty jars that I always save and today the trail mix is stored in the honey jar, adorned […]

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Christmas Cranberry Float

on Dec 1st 2012

This festive treat is just too easy to make.  All you need is some Cranberry Canada Dry and some good quality vanilla ice cream.  We love Blue Bell’s Home Made Vanilla flavor.  A couple of scoops of ice cream goes into a tall sundea or beverage glass, then the glass gets filled (slowly) with the […]

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Tobacco Stick Stars

on Nov 28th 2012

I know this post is not a recipe but I wanted to share something simple to make, a repurposing project.  I have such fond memories of spending time with my grandparents in the country when I was a child.  I used to ride into the fields and to the barns in granddaddy’s old green pickup […]

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Blue Ribbon Carrot Cake

on Apr 3rd 2012

While Carrot Cake is a typical Southern Thanksgiving treat, it also deserves a place on the Easter menu as well.  This cake was one of my first “from scratch” hits when I baked it nearly 25 years ago in our first newlywed love nest.  Time has deepened my love for both my husband and this […]

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My Mamma’s Old Fashioned Southern Coconut Cake

on Dec 19th 2011

Growing up I took a lot for granted. I believed my parents existed for the sole purpose of fulfilling the needs and wants my little brother and me. I never really gave much thought to the notion that my parents might actually love each other or that they might also place a higher priority on […]

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Cookie Cutter Cookies

on Dec 15th 2011

Here’s a delicious cookie recipe that is perfect for using those cookie cutters you’ve collected over the years.  I love this recipe because it does not have to be chilled and the dough does not spread out and distort the cut out shapes like the popular tube dough tends to do.  So grab the kids […]

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Cranberry Macadamia Nut Crunch

on Feb 7th 2011

  Here’s  quick and easy treat which is always a Valentine or Christmas tradition at our house.  The recipe makes an elegant holiday dish.  I love giving gifts “from the heart” and this one is perfect for giving.  I’ve often wrapped a portion of the candy in clear cellophane then tied it with a pretty […]

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